During its long production tradition, Minardi Industries has gained all the experience necessary in the creation of feather and down comforters, from start to finish. In fact, the company guarantees that all down used meets the required legislative standards starting with acquired stock that undergoes constantly monitored hygienic and quality control, performed in its Italian production houses.

In recent years, alongside external laboratories working towards the hygienic integrity of the feather and down fillings used according to required standards, the company has collaborated with partners to develop its treatment techniques. This has led to the high- quality hygienic characteristics of the company’s 100 % hypo-allergenic, anti-mite and parasite-free down and feather fillings.

DowNoMite minardi collezioni

The result of this research is a special process known as DowNoMite®, a procedure performed during the filling's cleaning and sterilization phase. Its cleaning agent contains an active ingredient with anti-mite properties registered with Italy's government health organization, the Ministero della Sanità come Presidio Medico Chirurgico.
DowNoMite® branded products are suitable for people who suffer from domestic dust allergies. Studies have shown that the DowNoMite® treatment and its quick heating and dehumidifying properties, create a micro-climate that prevents domestic mite reproduction as a result.

These studies have also shown that it is not the feathers and down that stimulate mite growth. In fact, the shedding of our own skin, invisible to the naked eye, has been a proven factor of mite growth, eradicating the false belief that feather and down create nutrition for mites. Moreover, the down material used, with its dense weft and warp, creates addition protection against mites and their penetration. This unique "cross-linked" material fosters the climate exchange that feathers need as a "live" material and blocks mites from the filling it contains.
There is therefore no benefit in denying oneself the comfort and natural thermal regulation that quality feather and down filled products offer.

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