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Our products are crafted with down that does not come from live-plucked birds. 

Minardi Industries is an integral part of the animal rights protection project EDFA (The European Down and Feather Association) to guarantee the humane treatment of geese. We condemn and do not take part in live-plucking.

EDFA members are dedicated to applying a tracking system and code of conduct prohibiting the sale or production of down and feathers that deviate from legislation, including animal abuse.

Feather and down origins are registered in the EDFA TRACEABILITY STANDARD data system. This system was developed by the Association committee together with auditing specialists. It grants origin documentation of feathers and down purchased from bird breedings within EU member states, European Council States and third party states.

Since the system’s introduction, suppliers must certify that materials originate from alimentary breeders in which plucking occurs following butchering or during seasonal molting (ecdysis). 

Companies associated with EDFA are dedicated to undergoing auditing as administered by a neutral organization specialist (IDFL) in order to confirm the veracity and precision of all submit-ted data.